II (Emotional Violence) mp3 Album by Chemical Waves

II (Emotional Violence)by Chemical Waves

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 59:23


1.My favourite crime (feat. HERE-X)3:53
2.Under this skin (feat. HIGHER DIMENSION)5:13
3.Eyes turn black (feat. DEATH LOVES VERONICA)5:47
4.Protect me as you can1:57
5.Merge (feat. IRIS CAPRICORN)6:30
6.Burning (feat. THE SEA AT MIDNIGHT)5:22
7.Hearts in ruins2:57
8.Respirit (feat. STELLA SLEEPS)5:04
9.A cold caress1:47
10.Cold Life (feat. PLEASURE POLICY)3:22
11.Not us1:15
12.Faded Flowers (feat. COLD GREY RAIN)4:39
13.Unknown Ancestry (feat. UNDINYX)4:13
14.Hundreds of wounds3:00
15.Untethered (feat. THE NEW ARCTIC)4:24