It's the Attitude, Stupid! (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by Johnny Rebel

It's the Attitude, Stupid! (Re-Issue)by Johnny Rebel

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:28


1.It's the Attitude, Stupid!2:21
2.Niggers Suck!2:19
3.Affirmative Action3:23
5.Nothin' but Niggers2:46
6.If I Could Be a Nigger for a Day...3:11
7.Jesse Showed Up2:53
8.Send 'em All Back to Africa3:21
9.Nigger In-Law3:25
10.Quit Your Bitchin' Nigger!3:02
11.Fuck you, Osama Bin Laden! (Infidel Anthem) XXX Version3:55
12.Fuck you, Osama Bin Laden! (Infidel Anthem) XXX CD Version3:51
13.Infidel Anthem Radio/Clean Version4:22
14.How It All Started (Interview)2:33
15.Corny Hall (Interview)1:45
16.Enuff is Enuff! (Interview)1:57
17.C.O.R.E. - Bobby Kennedy (Interview)2:16
18.KKK - Live in Kaplan (Interview)1:44
19.Black Friends - Race issues (Interview)1:19
20.New CD - Black Attitudes (Interview)1:57
21.Wiggers! (Interview)1:57
22.My Kind (Interview)2:09
23.Spades - Racist labels (Interview)2:02
24.Responsibility (Interview)2:35
25.The Garden Song [Filthy McNasty]3:14
26.Can a Young Love (Turn to Old Love Overnight) [Jericho Jones]2:11
27.Black Magic [Jericho Jones]2:16