Jonas Brothers mp3 Album by Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothersby Jonas Brothers

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:42


2.Hold On2:45
3.Goodnight And Goodbye2:31
4.That'S Just The Way We Roll2:53
5.Hello Beautiful2:29
6.Still In Love With You3:10
9.When You Look Me In The Eyes4:10
11.Just Friends3:08
13.Year 30003:20
14.Kids Of The Future3:10
After Disney’s famous High School Musical, all of the fangirls went crazy for it. Even though the songs were mediocre and the acting was poor, they still went for it because of the love-based themes. In addition, looks was a major factor here, as many of the celebrities in the movies were very good looking. In my opinion, the only one who actually did a good job with his role (and is pretty good at acting) was Zach Effron (he did a good job with Hairspray, I have to admit). However, in its wake, a new Disney fad came along: three young adult brothers who started a band called the Jonas Brothers. They were signed to Disney Records because they were fired from Columbia for less-than-quality music. As far as the music goes, their songs are the same four power chords played over and over again. The songs have little to no originality to them at all. Like High School Musical, their songs are all love-based, which has been used since the Beatles. Lyrics are clichéd with clichéd phrases. The single S.O.S. is all love based, and repeats the same chords in the chorus. There is a guitar riff, but it is not very creative and very easy. The band tries to seem like good guitarists, when it turns out that they actually have a backup band to play solos, etc. The backup band gets little to no credit at all. There are three guitar players in the band (Kevin, Nick, backup band), but they don’t use that to any advantage at all. There is one soloist, as I said, but there are barely ever any guitar harmonies or something to make three guitar players actually useful. It’s basically 1 lead guitar and two rhythm guitars playing the same thing. With three guitarists, they could easily have a guitar harmony with a rhythm section, or even three part guitar harmonies (which sound just awesome). Luckily, they tried to get more of an edge, and I don’t hear anything about them anymore. Good!