Justice League (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Danny Elfman

Justice League (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)by Danny Elfman

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:41:31


1.Everybody Knows [Sigrid]by Danny Elfman4:26
2.The Justice League Theme (Logos)by Danny Elfman0:48
3.Hero's Themeby Danny Elfman4:18
4.Batman on the Roofby Danny Elfman2:34
5.Enter Cyborgby Danny Elfman2:00
6.Wonder Woman Rescueby Danny Elfman2:44
7.Hippolyta's Arrowby Danny Elfman1:16
8.The Story of Steppenwolfby Danny Elfman3:00
9.The Amazon Mother Boxby Danny Elfman4:33
10.Cyborg Meets Dianaby Danny Elfman2:37
11.Aquaman in Atlantisby Danny Elfman2:39
12.Then There Were Threeby Danny Elfman1:10
13.The Tunnel Fightby Danny Elfman6:24
14.The World Needs Supermanby Danny Elfman1:00
15.Spark of the Flashby Danny Elfman2:18
16.Friends and Foesby Danny Elfman4:14
17.Justice League Unitedby Danny Elfman1:24
18.Homeby Danny Elfman3:25
19.Bruce and Dianaby Danny Elfman1:06
20.The Final Battleby Danny Elfman6:15
21.A New Hopeby Danny Elfman4:36
22.Anti-Hero's Themeby Danny Elfman5:36
23.Come Together [Gary Clark Jr. & Junkie XL]by Danny Elfman3:13
24.Icky Thump [The White Stripes]by Danny Elfman4:15
25.The Tunnel Fight (Full Length)by Danny Elfman10:58
26.The Final Battle (Full Length)by Danny Elfman12:57
27.Mother Russiaby Danny Elfman1:45

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