Life of Pause mp3 Album by Wild Nothing

Life of Pauseby Wild Nothing

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:45


2.Lady Blue5:00
3.A Woman's Wisdom4:10
4.Japanese Alice2:44
5.Life of Pause3:06
7.To Know You5:57
9.TV Queen3:52
10.Whenever I4:57
11.Love Underneath My Thumb6:19
This album is strongly influenced by 80's pop movements. It seems like it essentially a modern take on a lot of early new wave and alternative. wild nothing did a really good job of capturing the sounds and atmospheres of this style in a way that a lot of artists often don't really attempt to do. I appreciate that wild Nothing is willing to take more sonic risks with each release because it shows that they are always willing to evolve, but i also respect that they still sound like themselves and not like a copy of some other artists who might be more popular than they are.That's why i feel like Wild Nothing are truly artists not just musicians.