Live in Amsterdam mp3 Live by Floor Jansen

Live in Amsterdamby Floor Jansen

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:24:09


1.Ever Dream (live)5:34
2.Storm in a Glass (live)3:55
3.Nemo (live)4:56
4.Mama (live)3:10
5.Sweet Curse (live) (feat Henk Poort)4:29
6.Dangerous Game (live) (feat Henk Poort)3:41
7.Euphoria (live)3:13
8.Face Your Demons (live)5:17
9.Winner (live)3:17
10.Slow, Love, Slow (live)5:28
11.Shallow (live)4:01
12.Strong (live)3:41
13.Élan (live)5:14
14.Energize Me (live)3:21
15.Qué Se Siente (live)4:02
16.Bridle Passion (live)3:08
17.Our Decades in the Sun (live)4:09
18.Let It Go (live)3:49
19.Wolf and Dog (live)5:08
20.The Phantom of the Opera (live) (feat Henk Poort)4:36

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