Long Live mp3 Album by Atreyu

Long Liveby Atreyu

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:28


1.Long Live3:29
2.Live to Labor3:14
3.I Would Kill / Lie / Die (For You)4:11
4.Cut Off the Head5:00
5.A Bitter Broken Memory3:58
6.Do You Know Who You Are?3:51
8.Heartbeats and Flatlines3:40
9.Brass Balls3:28
10.Moments Before Dawn5:25
11.Start to Break4:40
13.So Others May Live4:19
For those who did not like Atreyu's sound after The Curse, you'll be in for a treat. Although I enjoyed Lead Sails, it almost seems that album should be from a different band. Long Live probably contains elements of The Curse and Congregation, but they bring the heavy, which is always a good thing. Check them out on tour, you will be impressed.