Lucinda Williams (25th Anniversary Edition) mp3 Album by Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams (25th Anniversary Edition)by Lucinda Williams

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:50:46


Disk #1

1.I Just Wanted to See You So Bad2:26
2.The Night's Too Long4:17
4.Big Red Sun Blues3:29
5.Like a Rose2:37
6.Changed the Locks3:44
7.Passionate Kisses2:38
8.Am I Too Blue2:57
9.Crescent City3:01
10.Side of the Road3:27
11.Price to Pay2:51
12.I Asked for Water (He Gave Me Gasoline)3:42

Disk #2

1.I Just Wanted to See You So Bad (Eindhoven live)2:33
2.Big Red Sun Blues (Eindhoven live)3:31
3.Am I Too Blue (Eindhoven live)3:16
4.Crescent City (Eindhoven live)3:36
5.The Night's Too Long (Eindhoven live)4:38
6.Something About What Happens When We Talk (Eindhoven live)4:14
7.Factory Blues (Eindhoven live)2:59
8.Happy Woman Blues (Eindhoven live)3:46
9.Abandoned (Eindhoven live)4:11
10.Wild and Blue (Eindhoven live)3:21
11.Passionate Kisses (Eindhoven live)2:32
12.Changed the Locks (Eindhoven live)4:28
13.Nothing in Rambling (Eindhoven live)4:45
14.Sundays (Eindhoven live)3:34
15.Nothing in Rambling (live at KPFK)3:14
16.Disgusted (live at KPFK)3:10
17.Side of the Road (live at KPFK)3:54
18.Goin' Back Home (live at Noise)3:22
19.Something About What Happens When We Talk (live at KCRW)3:21
20.Sundays (live at KCRW)3:24