Make A Jazz Noise Here mp3 Live by Frank Zappa
  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:16:48


Disk #1

2.When Yuppies Go to Hell14:36
3.Fire and Chains3:56
4.Let's Make the Water Turn Black1:36
5.Harry, You're a Beast0:47
6.The Orange County Lumber Truck0:41
7.Oh No4:43
8.Theme From Lumpy Gravy1:11
9.Eat That Question1:55
10.Black Napkins6:56
11.Big Swifty11:12
12.King Kong13:11
13.Star Wars Won't Work3:33

Disk #2

1.The Black Page (New Age version)6:47
2.T'Mershi Duween1:42
3.Dupree's Paradise8:34
4.City of Tiny Lites8:01
5.Royal March From "L'Histoire du soldat" (Stravinsky)0:59
6.Theme From the Bartok Piano Concerto #30:43
7.Sinister Footwear (2nd movement)6:39
8.Stevie's Spanking4:25
9.Alien Orifice4:15
10.Cruisin' for Burgers8:27
11.Advance Romance7:43
12.Strictly Genteel6:36