Maladjusted mp3 Artist Compilation by The Primitives (2)

Maladjustedby The Primitives (2)

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:09


1.Help Me3:39
2.Let Them Tell2:16
3.You Said2:19
4.How Do You Feel?2:25
5.Every Minute of Every Day2:12
6.Pretty Little Face2:08
7.Forget It2:03
8.Your Friend2:39
9.Lonely Room2:05
10.Tell Your Friend2:29
11.Oh Mary (demo)2:50
12.Oh Mary2:07
13.I Don't Feel Myself2:43
14.Mr. Heartache2:38
15.Tears in My Eyes3:49
16.Gimme Some Loving4:22
17.L'Ombra De Nessuna (Standing in the Shadows of Love)2:56
18.No Response3:09
19.Johnny No (Thunder & Lightning)3:11
21.Yeeeeeeh! (I Ain't Gonna Eaty Out My Heart Anymore)3:13
22.Gira, Gira (Reach Out, I'll Be There)3:08
23.Every Minute of Every Day2:17
24.Mister Heartache2:20
25.Ma Beata Te3:10
26.Sookie, Sookie2:51
27.Mohair Sam2:45
28.L'Incidente (Soul Finger)2:52