Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Geoff Zanelli

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)by Geoff Zanelli

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:08


1.Mistress of Evilby Geoff Zanelli1:34
2.Poachers on the Moorsby Geoff Zanelli4:24
3.What Is Going on Here?by Geoff Zanelli4:31
4.Ulsteadby Geoff Zanelli2:39
5.Etiquette Lessonsby Geoff Zanelli2:06
6.All He Wanted Was Peaceby Geoff Zanelli4:50
7.We Have Herby Geoff Zanelli3:50
8.We're Dark Feyby Geoff Zanelli3:53
9.Pinto's Recon Missionby Geoff Zanelli1:53
10.It Is Love That Will Heal Youby Geoff Zanelli2:08
11.Origin Storyby Geoff Zanelli2:30
12.You Don't Have to Changeby Geoff Zanelli2:02
13.The Dance of the Feyby Geoff Zanelli2:12
14.Back to the Moorsby Geoff Zanelli1:15
15.Our Fight Begins Now!by Geoff Zanelli1:46
16.Your Majesty, They're Coming from the Seaby Geoff Zanelli2:17
17.I've Made My Choice, You'll Have to Make Yoursby Geoff Zanelli3:33
18.Protecting Our Kindby Geoff Zanelli2:43
19.Maleficent Returnsby Geoff Zanelli5:09
20.The Phoenixby Geoff Zanelli4:41
21.Hello, Beastie!by Geoff Zanelli3:42
22.Time to Come Homeby Geoff Zanelli5:50
23.You Can't Stop the Girl (Film Mix) [Bebe Rexha]by Geoff Zanelli2:40