Miami Soft House 2015 by Various Artists

Miami Soft House 2015

by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:41:04


1.Sun Is Shining (feat. Nita)by Microwave Monkeys4:50
2.In Love (Double Deep More Love Mix)by Eddy Chrome5:37
3.Sunny Danceby Beach House Brothers4:04
4.It Is Only Youby Soul-Ty2:43
5.Super Tubosby Ramiro Mirgardo5:13
6.I Don't (Beachhouse Mix)by Ibiza Groove Squad4:43
7.Waves (John Soultek Remix)by Hagen5:45
8.Mirageby Christian Hornbostel5:08
9.Triste Monde (Classic Version)by Coco Basel6:09
10.Wtf (Remastered)by Discey6:53
11.Dreamby Tonliebe6:40
12.Duke Visits Gorgon Island (Lounge Mix)by Dumont City4:14
13.Moi Petit Prince (I Can Follow Him)by John Soultek3:49
14.New York (Downtown Lounge Edit)by Big City Beats4:29
15.Robotby Groove Generation5:30
16.Eye Contactby Secret Ibiza5:40
17.White Beachby Bikini Beats6:00
18.Instant Aprèsby Steve Sibra7:23
19.Brighton Beach Dreamsby Amy More5:08
20.Blue Lagoon (and Mandala Fields)by Milli Milhouse5:09
21.Let Me Take Youby Solanos6:26
22.Moveby Counting Clouds5:41
23.The Black Treeby Lauritz Xavier5:26
24.Cherry Pickingby Beta Function6:03
25.Pianoforteby Helfau Reload5:53
26.Ornate Mirrorsby Random Classes5:47
27.I Am Funkin' Here Muther Funkersby Dee Jazz6:47
28.Expositionsby The Sura Quintet5:44
29.Traum (Insomnia Version)by Tonliebe6:34
30.Horizon (Divino Fuerte Tribute Mix)by Privat Projekt5:58
31.Drop The Needleby Ace of Duty5:44
32.Relaxingby Exitvibes5:06
33.Summer End (Chill Out Mix)by Lab of Music7:05
34.Graduallyby Random Classes6:18
35.Get Downby Self Explanatory6:12
36.My Way Outby Delbert Schneider4:10
37.Lineaby Nelkenried6:09
38.Clouds (Radio Edit) (and Jeffron Vox)by Amen B3:50
39.Deeper Your Loveby Ivory Simons4:55
40.Heartbeatby Ocean's Two6:09

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