minor earth | major sky (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by a-ha

minor earth | major sky (Deluxe Edition)by a-ha

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:51


Disk #1

1.Minor Earth Major Sky5:24
2.Little Black Heart4:36
4.Summer Moved On4:37
5.The Sun Never Shone That Day4:39
6.To Let You Win4:23
7.The Company Man3:15
8.Thought That It Was You3:50
9.I Wish I Cared4:21
10.Barely Hanging On3:56
11.You'll Never Get Over Me5:39
12.I Won't Forget Her4:44
13.Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count4:57
14.Summer Moved On (Remix)6:01
15.Velvet (Alabaster Mix)5:19
16.The Sun Never Shone That Day (Radio Edit)3:31
17.Minor Earth Major Sky (Millenia Nova Remix)4:29

Disk #2

1.Minor Earth Major Sky (Early Version)5:48
2.Little Black Heart (Alternate Mix)4:35
3.Velvet (Early Version)5:19
4.Summer Moved On (Early Version)4:38
5.The Sun Never Shone That Day (Early Version)4:24
6.To Let You Win (Early Mix)4:40
7.We Will Never Speak Again (Demo)4:19
8.The Company Man (Early Version)4:31
9.Life's Not Fair (Early Version Of "I Wish I Cared")3:32
10.Barely Hanging On (Early Version)3:53
11.I Won't Forget Her (Early Version)4:53
12.Manhattan Skyline (Live Oslo 2001)5:52
13.Thought That It Was You (Live Oslo 2001)3:45
14.You'll Never Get Over Me (Live Oslo 2001)6:02
15.Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count (Live Oslo 2001)6:06
16.Summer Moved On (Demo)3:34