Mr. Know It All mp3 Single by Kelly Clarkson

Mr. Know It Allby Kelly Clarkson

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  • 3:52


1.Mr. Know It All3:52
Kelly Clarkson has unfortunately blended into the pop-music morass with "Mr. Know It All". Her beautiful voice is as strong as ever and the lyrics display her usual "independent woman" attitude, but this song just doesn't stand out to me. It gets repetitive very quickly and the melody isn't particularly catchy. Three stars for "Mr. Know It All," a below-average tune for Kelly, whom I still count among today's best pop singers.
"Mr. Know It All" is Kelly Clarkson returning to what she does best. In just under 4 minutes, she reminds us why all fell in love with her in the first place. Cute lyrics about a guy that she is mad at is what Kelly does best, let's face it. "Mr. Know It All" is a little slower for her debut singles, but it goes through so many great moments with a nice danceable chorus, and her breathy soprano carrying throughout over a lovely orchestrated section. Just when you think Kelly is going to keep in the middle of her range, she goes for the gusto towards the end with such power and confidence that the songs themes demand leaving us with one of her most memorable singles yet. I hope the rest of the album is this good! Another clear winner for Kelly Clarkson.