My Generation (Super Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by The Who

My Generation (Super Deluxe Edition)by The Who

  • 79 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 3:58:07


Disk #1

1.Out In the Street2:32
2.I Don't Mind2:36
3.The Good's Gone4:04
5.Much Too Much2:44
6.My Generation3:20
7.The Kids Are Alright3:08
8.Please Please Please2:46
9.It's Not True2:33
10.I'm a Man3:22
11.A Legal Matter2:51
12.The Ox3:53

Disk #2

1.Out In the Street (2014 Stereo Mix)2:30
2.I Don't Mind (2014 Stereo Mix)2:36
3.The Good's Gone (2014 Stereo Mix)4:06
4.La-La-La Lies (2014 Stereo Mix)2:16
5.Much Too Much (2014 Stereo Mix)2:43
6.My Generation (2014 Stereo Mix)3:19
7.The Kids Are Alright (2014 Stereo Mix)3:06
8.Please, Please, Please (2014 Stereo Mix)2:44
9.It's Not True (2014 Stereo Mix)2:30
10.I'm a Man (2014 Stereo Mix)3:20
11.A Legal Matter (2014 Stereo Mix)2:50
12.The Ox (2014 Stereo Mix)3:51

Disk #3

1.I Can't Explain (Mono Version)2:05
2.Bald Headed Woman (Mono Version)2:10
3.Daddy Rolling Stone (Mono Version)2:49
4.Leaving Here (Mono Version)2:49
5.Lubie (Come Back Home) [Mono Version]3:38
6.Shout and Shimmy (Mono Version)3:18
7.(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave (Mono Version)2:42
8.Motoring (Mono Version)2:50
9.Anytime You Want Me (Mono Version)2:37
10.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Mono Version)2:41
11.Instant Party Mixture (Mono Version)3:29
12.Circles (Revised Mono Version)3:13
13.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (French EP Version)2:45
14.Out In the Street (Alternative Guitar Break Version / 2000 Remix)2:37
15.Out In the Street (Alternative Early Vocal Version / 2000 Remix)2:36
16.I Don't Mind (Full Length Version / 2000 Remix)4:09
17.The Good's Gone (Full Length Version / 2000 Remix)4:35
18.My Generation (Alternative Version / 2000 Remix)3:34
19.I'm a Man (Version 2 / Early Vocal Version / 2000 Remix)3:28
20.Daddy Rolling Stone (Alternative Take / 2000 Remix)3:07
21.Lubie (Come Back Home) [Alternative Mix / 2000 Remix]3:45
22.Shout and Shimmy (Alternative Mix / 2000 Remix)3:27
23.Circles (Alternative Mix / 2000 Remix)3:30

Disk #4

1.Out In the Street (Alternate Take 1)2:30
2.I Don't Mind (Full Length Version)3:45
3.The Good's Gone (Full Length Version)4:27
4.My Generation (Instrumental Version)3:39
5.The Kids Are Alright (Alternate Take 1)3:08
6.I Can't Explain2:06
7.Bald Headed Woman2:34
8.Daddy Rolling Stone3:00
9.Daddy Rolling Stone (Alternate Version)3:07
10.Leaving Here2:49
11.Lubie (Come Back Home)3:43
12.Shout and Shimmy3:20
13.(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave2:39
15.Anytime You Want Me2:37
16.Instant Party Mixture3:30
17.Anyway Anyhow Anywhere2:44
19.Daddy Rolling Stone (Alternate Take B. / New Mix)3:08
20.Out In the Street (Alternate Take 2 / New Mix)2:35
21.I'm a Man (Alternate Version / New Mix)3:25

Disk #5

1.My Generation (Version 3 Demo / 2016 Mix)3:05
2.My Generation (Version 2 Demo / Fragment / 2016 Mix)1:03
3.The Girls I Could've Had (Demo / 2016 Mix)2:57
4.It’s Not True2:48
5.As Children We Grew1:44
6.A Legal Matter (Demo / 2016 Mix)3:00
7.Sunrise (Version 1 Demo / 2016 Mix)2:31
8.Much Too Much (Demo / 2016 Mix)3:20
9.My Own Love3:25
10.La-La-La- Lies1:59
11.The Good’s Gone3:37