My World mp3 Album by Justin Bieber

My Worldby Justin Bieber

  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 30:09


1.One Time3:36
2.Favorite Girl4:17
3.Down To Earth4:06
5.One Less Lonely Girl3:49
6.First Dance3:42
7.Love Me3:12
8.Common Denominator (Bonus Trac4:09
J Smith
Back in 2007, Justin Bieber was discovered by two artists, R&B/Hip Hop musician Usher and R&B artist Justin Timberlake, formerly of N*Sync. Justin Bieber found there to be more money and fame involved with Usher, and ultimately chose him as his producer. Justin Bieber went on to release One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, Love Me, and Favorite Girl as singles. His female fan base lost all sanity when listening to these songs, and he soon became a worldwide phenomenon. Girls everywhere were spending their money (and their parents’ money) on Justin Bieber merchandise, tickets, and the like. This extreme form of fandom gave Bieber tons of money and fame, and was loved and hated (but mostly hated) all over. Justin Bieber, unfortunately, has very repetitive song lyrics and is almost impossible to listen to. The chorus lyrics for one time are used more than one time: And girl you're my one love, my one heart/My one life for sure/Let me tell you one time/(Girl, I love, girl I love you)/I'ma tell you one time/(Girl, I love, girl I love you)/And I'ma be your one guy/You'll be my #1 girl/Always making time for you/I'ma tell you one time/(Girl, I love, girl I love you)/I'ma tell you one time/(Girl, I love, girl I love you). He obviously does not tell us one time, and if he did, it would be a much better song. This extreme repetition is one of the many things that makes this kid infamous (and is expressed much more in My World 2.0). You can expect the same thing with the rest of the songs, as they all repeat the song title multiple times in an annoying and boring fashion. Justin Bieber’s debut EP is one of the worst CDs to ever be released into the market, and is not worthy of the CD that it is burned upon. I don’t recommend it to anyone with even a small part of a brain, as they would hate this crappy CD with as much of a passion as I do.
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Well, okay, a lot of people legitimately DO hate him because he sings like a girl! They hate him because he's overly feminine and he thinks (and acts) like he's a lot more attractive than he really is. His hair is obnoxious. He talks about stuff he doesn't understand ("my eenie meenie miney mo lover"). They hate him because his songs are pointless, his voice is excessively high, and he's trying to be "cool." When Justin Bieber does songs with rappers, it's annoying. He's trying to be a part of a market where he doesn't belong. He's trying to be older and more mature than he is - he's trying to be cool. He's also made some really rude comments and been pretty disrespectful. A lot of twelve-year-old fangirls love Justin Bieber, but... the majority of people don't. I also hate him BECAUSE of his army of 10-12 year old fangirls who are constantly attacking me and annoying me whenever I express any doubt or dislike toward Justin. I just really dislike Justin Beiber with all of my heart. He gets way to much respect, love, attention, and listeners than he earned, is worth, and deserves all combined!
Justin Bieber, as many know, started out on YouTube playing cover songs on his acoustic guitar (not bad covers, if I might add). However, during those years, Justin Bieber was found by two people: the famous R&B producer Usher, and the famous Justin Timberlake from N*Sync, who was intelligent enough to start a solo career (and actually be remembered). Unfortunately, getting into the music industry can be easier than ever, depending on the way you look. Some artists/groups are not the best looking, but create the best music. With the music industry today (originally thanks to the Ed Sullivan Show), even if you create the absolute best music and you have the most talent, if you don't look like a Hollywood actor/actress, you don't have as much of a chance. We can see that from Susan Boyle. She is an amazing songwriter and an even better singer, but she is 47 and has a bit of a weight problem. She wouldn't have had a chance, but when she won Britain's Got Talent, there was a huge craze for her. Luckily, that craze didn't fade out as the music industry had hoped, and her debut was the biggest selling album of all time (9 million copies sold!). With that aside, Justin Bieber was given the choice between Usher and Justin, but he chose Usher because he saw more success with him (even though Justin could make Justin's fame last much longer). He now is an R&B/Pop sellout who lost his ability to sing. His voice in this record sounds like a woman, he is autotuned, and he just makes crappy music. As far as musicianship goes, he would've been better with Timberlake. Timberlake has been in the music industry longer than Usher, and knows it like the back of his hand. He does not, however, have all of that fame first hand, and since the average human thinks in the short term, he chose Usher. The single One Time sucks. Justin does not know about love at 15.