NME C86 (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

NME C86 (Deluxe Edition)by Various Artists

  • 72 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:39:53


Disk #1

1.Velocity Girlby Primal Scream1:22
2.Happy Headby The Mighty Lemon Drops2:43
3.Pleasantly Surprisedby The Soup Dragons2:06
4.Feeling So Strange Againby The Wolfhounds1:43
5.Thereseby The Bodines3:09
6.Lawby Mighty Mighty3:39
7.Buffaloby Stump4:29
8.Run to the Templeby Bogshed3:29
9.Sharpened Sticksby A Witness2:30
10.Breaking Linesby The Pastels3:14
11.From Now On, This Will Be Your Godby Age of Chance3:17
12.It's Up to Youby Shop Assistants2:36
13.Firestation Towersby Close Lobsters1:48
14.Sport Most Royalby Miaow2:56
15.I Hate Nerys Hughes (From the Heart)by Half Man Half Biscuit3:49
16.Transparentby The Servants2:35
17.Big Jim (There's No Pubs in Heaven)by Mackenzies2:37
18.New Way (Quick Wash and Brush Up With Liberation Theology)by bIG fLAME1:38
19.Console Meby We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It1:24
20.Celestial Cityby McCarthy3:00
21.Bullfighter's Bonesby The Shrubs3:49
22.This Boy Can Wait (A Bit Longer!)by The Wedding Present4:03

Disk #2

1.Just the Sameby The June Brides4:09
2.Another Side to Mrs. Quillby Yeah Yeah Noh3:55
3.Lazyby The Primitives2:57
4.Splashing Alongby Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes3:51
5.Rosemary Smithby The Band of Holy Joy2:28
6.Virginia M.C.by The McTells1:51
7.E102by BMX Bandits3:39
8.Like One Thousand Violinsby One Thousand Violins4:38
9.Peppermint Dreamsby The Dentists2:17
10.Everything's Brilliantby The Membranes4:03
11.Worm In My Brainby The Weather Prophets3:43
12.Meet Me on Tuesdaysby The Brilliant Corners2:31
13.I Told You Soby Talulah Gosh1:39
14.Hedonist Hatby Pigbros4:37
15.Insideby 14 Iced Bears1:49
16.Go Ahead, Cryby St. Christopher3:04
17.Captain Fantastic (demo)by The Groove Farm2:13
18.The Peacock Noseby Kilgore Trout2:12
19.Inside Meby The Jesus and Mary Chain3:11
20.You Didn't Love Me Thenby The Hit Parade3:31
21.Mineby That Petrol Emotion3:39
22.One Breathby The Turncoats3:06
23.Skink (flexi version)by A Riot of Colour3:20
24.Tune In. Turn On, Trip Outby Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience2:50
25.Darkness and Colourby The Railway Children2:45

Disk #3

1.Sweet Revengeby The Chesterfields3:12
2.World's No Placeby Jasmine Minks2:42
3.Whyby Stitched-Back Foot Airman2:09
4.Sad Kaleidoscopeby Razorcuts2:48
5.I Rememberby Treebound Story3:07
6.Part Time Moral Englandby The Nightingales3:50
7.Strike Up Matchesby Episode Four3:19
8.Everything's Going Rightby The Avons3:55
9.Here It Comesby Meat Whiplash3:14
10.Spider Psychiatryby King of the Slums4:24
11.Freaky Dancin'by Happy Mondays3:43
12.Love's Going Out of Fashionby Biff Bang Pow!3:12
13.Outback Jazzby Blue Areoplanes5:13
14.Heartacheby Lawrence & The Comfortable Society4:31
15.Take Your Time, Yeah (Flexi version)by Laugh2:50
16.Billy Liarby North of Cornwallis4:06
17.Mesmerizedby Pop Will Eat Itself1:28
18.Hang Fireby Benny Profane3:18
19.Real Lifeby Go! Service2:50
20.Good to Be Kingby Janitors3:30
21.Gullible's Travelsby The Claim2:27
22.Scoopby The Auctioneers2:53
23.Perfect Cockney Hard-Onby The Noseflutes2:17
24.Hep Clothesby The Love Act1:38
25.I Don't Need Youby The Enormous Room3:23