No Jacket Required mp3 Album by Phil Collins

No Jacket Requiredby Phil Collins

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:47:13


2.Only You Know & I Know4:21
3.Long Long Way To Go4:23
4.I Don't Wanna Know4:15
5.One More Night4:51
6.Don't Lose My Number4:49
7.Who Said I Would4:01
8.Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore4:19
9.Inside Out5:16
10.Take Me Home5:51
11.We Said Hello Goodbye4:19
12.Separate Lives4:07
13.Sussudio (Extended Remix)6:35
14.Who Said I Would (Extended Remix)5:52
15.Only You Know And I Know (Extended Remix)6:56
16.Don't Lose My Number (Extended Remix)6:36
17.One More Night (Extended Remix)6:25
18.Take Me Home (Extended Remix)8:31
19.Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore (Live)5:59
20.Separate Lives (Live)5:22

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"No Jacket Required" was Phil Collins' third album, and perhaps his masterpiece. Released in 1985, it produced four top ten hits, two of which reached number one. The album itself reached number one, and won the Grammy for Album of the Year for 1986.

The mid-80's were a particularly productive period for Collins. In addition to releasing this solo album, he would get back together with his Genesis band-mates to release the "Invisible Touch" album, their most successful album commercially speaking, and Collins earned a reputation not only as a hit-maker (he also produced Eric Clapton's "Behind the Sun" album, amongst other projects), but as one of the hardest, most productive artists in the industry. Inevitably, this would lead to some blow-back, as it seemed no matter where you went, you heard Collins' voice singing...familiarity breeds contempt, and Collins became the butt of many jokes regarding his seeming ubiquitousness.

Still, the criticism did nothing to hurt the sales of his records, and "No Jacket Required" sold more than twelve million copies. The charge was led by the catchy song with the meaningless name, "Sussudio", one of the number one singles the album produced. The song caught on, but also caught some criticism for resembling Prince's song "1999". Collins admitted the resemblance, as he was a big fan of Prince himself; still the song distinguished itself to top the charts.

The other chart topper was the ballad "One More Night". Ballads have always been a trademark of Collins. The song finishes with some strong harmonies and trails off with an excellent saxophone solo.

One of the standout tracks from the album is "Take Me Home", noteable for the backup vocalists, which included Sting and former Genesis bandmate Peter Gabriel, in a musical reunion of sorts. "Don't Lose My Number", a fun, fast-paced pop-rock song rounds out the quartet of top ten hits produced by the album. The pop-song "Inside Out" received some airplay as well, largely on the strength of the guitar solo that ends the track.

This version of the album also includes tracks from the EP "The 12-inchers", which contains extended dance mixes of several tracks. Nothing exceptional came from this, but club-goers may find a hidden treasure amongst the remixess.

"No Jacket Required" was a true cornerstone for Phil Collins' solo work, and the massive success propelled him to keep producing hit after hit on his own. It shows that Collins had truly mastered his craft, and as far as pop music went, he takes a backseat to nobody. If you are unfamiliar with the songs that were not released as singles here, this is definitely worth a listen. Even the songs Collins found not worthy of being released as singles were stronger tracks than most of what was being released at this time.