Not So Quiet on the Western Front mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Not So Quiet on the Western Frontby Various Artists

  • 47 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:18:15


1.Intensified Chaosby Intensified Chaos0:56
2.Their Mistakesby Social Unrest2:25
3.Dan With the Mellow Hairby Naked Lady Wrestlers2:20
4.Holocaustby M.A.D.1:02
5.Rich Plastic Peopleby Killjoy1:44
6.Fun With Acidby Fang2:06
7.El Salvadorby Capitol Punishment1:11
8.Collapseby Ribzy0:48
9.Annihilationby Crucifix1:13
10.I Don't Wanna Die for My Countryby Square Cools1:30
11.Pay Salvationby Los Olvidados2:05
12.What Price Will You Pay?by Code of Honor1:58
13.Fuck Your Amerikaby 7Seconds0:50
14.Race Warby Unaware1:35
15.Turmoilby Frigidettes2:04
16.Don't Conformby 5th Column1:30
17.Shrunken Headsby Ghost Dance2:35
18.A Child and His Lawn Mowerby Dead Kennedys0:55
19.All I Knowby Rebel Truth1:10
20.Learning Processby Pariah2:01
21.Reagumby Lennonburger1:11
22.Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunitionby (Impatient) Youth2:27
23.GDMFSOBby Bad Posture1:31
24.Assassination Attemptby Demented Youth1:22
25.The Only Good MDC0:57
26.The Few, The Proud, The Deadby Karnage0:40
27.Scareby Domino Theory1:20
28.Dead Porkerby NBJ3:03
29.Human Farmby Whipping Boy1:07
30.Worker Beeby Angst0:54
31.Premature Enlistmentby Free Beer1:57
32.Sacrificeby Flipper4:34
33.No One Listensby Vengeance2:00
34.S/M Nightmareby Juvinel Justice1:49
35.Fat, Drunk & Stupidby Section 80:51
36.Libyan Hit Squadby Tongue Avulsion1:02
37.Off to Warby Maniax3:31
38.Strike Outby Vicious Circle0:39
39.Breakoutby UXB1:43
40.Shitcanby Scapegoats1:11
41.The Oven Is My Friendby Church Police2:40
42.Systems Suckby Deadly Reign1:32
43.Dead Men Tell No Talesby No Alternative2:02
44.Punk is an Attitudeby The Wrecks1:10
45.SLTby Urban Assault1:31
46.No More Riotsby Bent Nails2:49
47.New Leftby M.I.A.0:44