Old Skool (Mini Album) mp3 Artist Compilation by Armin Van Buuren

Old Skool (Mini Album)by Armin Van Buuren

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:34


1.Dominator (and Human Resource)2:32
2.The Ultimate Seduction (and The Ultimate Seduction)2:14
3.Pull Over (and Speedy J)2:26
4.Quadrophonia (and Quadrophonia)3:20
5.88 To Piano (and Mainx)3:01
6.Old Skool (Vigel Remix)2:52
7.Old Skool Ping Pong2:49
8.Dominator (Extended Mix) (and Human Resource)3:46
9.The Ultimate Seduction (Extended Mix) (and The Ultimate Seduction)2:57
10.Pull Over (Extended Mix) (and Speedy J)3:09
11.Quadrophonia (Extended Mix) (and Quadrophonia)2:55
12.88 To Piano (Extended Mix) (and Mainx)3:38
13.Old Skool (Vigel Remix) (Extended Mix)2:58
14.Old Skool Ping Pong (Extended Mix)4:57