One of the Boys mp3 Album by Katy Perry

One of the Boysby Katy Perry

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:44


1.One Of The Boys4:08
2.I Kissed A Girl3:00
3.Waking Up In Vegas3:19
4.Thinking Of You4:06
6.Ur So Gay3:40
7.Hot N Cold3:40
8.If You Can Afford Me3:18
10.Self Inflicted3:26
11.I'M Still Breathing3:49
Tom Rhodes
This is a fun album to listen to. No, it's not the world's deepest music, but that's not what the album is for anyway.

This is the album that put Katy Perry on the map, and includes a lot of very catchy tunes, like her early hits, "Hot N Cold" and "Waking up in Vegas." In my opinion, Katy Perry's later music is definitely better, but this is still a great album for anyone who likes upbeat music.
J Smith
Katy Perry, one of the newest and biggest bubblegum pop sensations, started out with this CD. This has many of her most popular songs, including Hot N Cold and I Kissed a Girl, which was kind of a rip off of Jill Sobule’s song of the same name. Her debut is overall a crappy debut to begin with, and I highly dislike it. Hot N Cold has a bit of a catchy beat, but no hook or something else to be catchy. It is just a boring song about how her boyfriend is great and he’s mean. That’s the whole song. I Kissed a Girl is another not very catchy song, and an overall crappy song about how she kissed a girl and liked it (says it right there in the lyrics).
I just can’t understand the crappy spelling of her song titles (i.e. Ur So Gay and Hot n Cold), which is unfortunately emphasized more on her sophomore release. I also can’t understand why people listen to Katy Perry, with her not very catchy songs and bad taste. Yeah, she’s a VERY hot chick to say the absolute least, but her music balances it out. I guess that it’s just how you can have crappy content and looks making up for it. The same applies to Justin Bieber, how his prepubescent look makes him popular. He can write badly written love songs about breaking up and still get all of the fame imaginable. The world is coming to an end, folks! Looks mean everything in today’s world.
Katy Perry is just another example of how pop music has been going down the toilet, only now, somebody flushed it down. Pop music has never been this crappy and to this extreme extent, and I just can’t believe this is happening. Along with Lady Gaga (who actually has a good taste in metal music) and Ke$ha, Katy Perry is just another bad pop idol. She sucks and doesn’t know how to make good music. She is really a bad songwriter.
Katy Perry provides a fresh look at the world of pop music, with her latest offering "One of the Boys". This is one of the most fun-packed albums of the summer! Well worth buying.