Original Album Classics (Vol. 2) mp3 Artist Compilation by Lou Reed

Original Album Classics (Vol. 2)by Lou Reed

  • 56 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:56:13


Disk #1

1.My House5:25
3.Underneath the Bottle2:34
4.The Gun3:41
5.The Blue Mask5:07
6.Average Guy3:13
7.The Heroine3:06
8.Waves of Fear4:11
9.The Day John Kennedy Died4:09
10.Heavenly Arms4:48

Disk #2

1.Legendary Hearts3:29
2.Don't Talk to Me About Work2:11
3.Make Up My Mind2:55
4.Martial Law3:56
5.The Last Shot3:24
6.Turn Out the Light2:54
7.Pow Wow2:33
9.Bottoming Out3:44
10.Home of the Brave6:55
11.Rooftop Garden3:12

Disk #3

1.Sweet Jane4:05
2.I'm Waiting for My Man3:48
3.Martial Law4:09
4.Satellite of Love6:45
5.Kill Your Sons5:43
7.Sally Can't Dance3:32
8.Waves of Fear3:18
9.Average Guy2:46
10.White Light/White Heat3:22
11.Some Kinda Love / Sister Ray15:31
12.Walk on the Wild Side4:31
14.Rock and Roll6:02

Disk #4

1.I Love You, Suzanne3:19
2.Endlessly Jealous3:57
3.My Red Joystick3:36
4.Turn to Me4:22
5.New Sensations5:43
6.Doin' the Things That We Want To3:55
7.What Becomes a Legend Most3:37
8.Fly Into the Sun3:05
9.My Friend George3:52
10.High in the City3:27
11.Down at the Arcade3:40

Disk #5

2.No Money Down3:09
4.Don't Hurt a Woman3:59
5.Video VIolence5:36
6.Spit It Out3:39
7.The Original Wrapper3:37
8.Mama's Got a Lover4:12
9.I Remember You3:13
10.Tell It to Your Heart5:08