Paranoid mp3 Album by Black Sabbath
  • 8 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 42:09


1.War Pigs7:58
3.Planet Caravan4:35
4.Iron Man5:58
5.Electric Funeral4:53
6.Hand Of Doom7:09
7.Rat Salad2:30
8.Fairies Wear Boots6:13
Black Sabbath's second album and most known release "Paranoid" is deemed to be one of the greatest metal albums of all time which I stand by myself. This release influenced generations to come and is thought of as the godfather of heavy metal. Songs like "War Pigs" and "Iron Man" are nearly recognizable to all to rock fans. Key tracks include "War Pigs", "Paranoid", "Iron Man", and "Fairies Wear Boots".
I am so in love with this album. This right here is,without a doubt, the BEST album that I have heard. Black Sabbath is so amazing. This is the only full album that I have heard from Black Sabbath,but if all of their work is as good or even better then this,then they will be my new favorite band.I love every single song from this album. I love the songs because they sing about different things. They sing about stories and they will give one song to talk about their feelings and not dedicate a whole album to it. Which isn't a bad thing to do,but,it's just good to hear a band tell stories in their lyrics then sing about pain every single album.I hope this isn't the only album with stories and the rest is about pain but if so then I guess I can just stick with this album. This is a wonderful album and from a wonderful band and I look forward to hearing a lot more uplifting music hfrom them and I hope it actually is as uplifting as this album sounded. I am so jelous of these adults today that are able to say they grew up with Black Sabbath as they were coming out. Adults grew up with all of the best music and I wish you heard this type of music on the radio today instead of the things they try to pass of as music. Anyway,I love this album,loving this band,I give it a five stars but if I could give it on here, I would give it a one hundered star rating!