Paris mp3 Single by The Chainsmokers
  • 1 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:42


The start of this song is soft and bright, with a strong 4 on the floor kick drum pattern. The story quickly captivates you, pulling you into the late night adventures almost as if you were there with the singer. For anyone who has traveled far to a new place or town, this story will certainly spark lots of reminiscent thoughts of that time. For the first minute or so of this particular song by The Chainsmokers feels like a throwback 90s billboard hit. Simple but clear and concise production, with a recognizable but rich chord progression easily carries the listen throughout this pop hit. As the song progresses, it morphs deeper into a club/dance hit. The lead vocalists' deep and sultry tone is accented by some female backing vocals and a sweet arpeggiated synth lead that "leads you into the cosmos" in a way. Though i have personally never travelled to Paris, the songs title and youthful vibe allows to me transgress into what i could only imagine a night out in the Paris club scene would feel like. If you're feeling the urge to dive into some late night paris pop life, this 2017 single is a perfect introduction to the rest of this Chainsmokers dance album entitled "Memories...Do Not Open". ***