Planet V: Drum & Bass, Vol.4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Planet V: Drum & Bass, Vol.4by Various Artists

  • 73 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:41:17


1.Already Know You (with Illmatika feat. Sherona Knight & Curmiah Lisette) (Dogger & Mindstate Remix)by Mr Joseph4:35
2.Deep Thoughts (and Duskee)by Disrupta4:10
3.Asking Too Much (and DRS)by Critycal Dub5:36
4.Believe in Me (with Paul T & Edward Oberon)by Makoto4:52
5.Dreams & Patternsby Carlito & Addiction5:30
6.Closerby Carlito & Addiction5:33
7.Elation (with Emery & Sofi Mari)by DJ Trace4:59
8.Hard to Find (and Dirtbag)by DJ Marky4:36
9.What U Needby Sl8r5:56
10.Your Love (and Sl8r)by Disrupta4:32
11.Try to Understand (and Command Strange)by dRamatic5:59
12.Velvet Roomsby Social Misfits4:51
13.Tom & Heavyby Think Tonk4:06
14.Tidal Waveyby Need for Mirrors4:57
15.Starby Carlito & Addiction5:49
16.Sure Shot (and nCamargo)by Simplification5:00
17.Set It Off (and Link feat. Flotation)by Simple Souls5:17
18.Rockin Youby Kodan4:52
19.Rockinby Command Strange4:50
20.Mimosaby Sl8r5:31
21.Ordinary Love (with Command Strange feat. Blu James)by Danny Wheeler4:10
22.Lowkey Slippy (and Fox)by Think Tonk4:08
23.Acid Fashionby Nazca Linez6:09
24.Da Styleby L-Side4:22
25.Bowesby Paul T & Edward Oberon4:45
26.Whisper (feat. Brace & Dan-I)by Beat Merchants4:51
27.Envyby Bou4:27
28.I Don't Trust Youby Paul T & Edward Oberon4:30
29.Deny (and KC feat. Paul Charles)by DJ Suv5:16
30.Super Funk (and Bassline Smith)by Drumsound4:14
31.Dafunkby DLR5:55
32.Directionsby Alibi4:28
33.Desire (Bladerunner & Saxxon Remix)by Savage Rehab7:04
34.Dayzby Roni Size6:14
35.The Breed (and L-Side)by Command Strange4:14
36.Killer Transmissions (feat. T.R.A.C.)by L-Side4:44
37.Lamboby Need for Mirrors5:52
38.Fighter (feat. Lorna King)by Dr Meaker4:57
39.Hurricanes (feat. Wednesday Amelia)by Saxxon5:56
40.Knockoutby Alibi5:12
41.Leaps and Bounds (and Loz Contreras feat. T.R.A.C.)by Macca4:57
42.Lockdown (feat. Eclecton Jarret & Color T)by Beat Merchants4:48
43.Chaliceby Ennessy5:20
44.Look for the Lightby Paul T & Edward Oberon4:52
45.Musihertz (and Sofi Mari)by Alibi4:27
46.Look at U (and Sl8r)by L-Side4:11
47.Love Is Blindby DJ Limited4:12
48.Love Noteby Saxxon5:12
49.Rave Tune (and L-Side)by Acuna5:32
50.Raw Power Movesby Murdock5:15
51.We Gotcha Junglist (and MC Fats)by Velocity5:22
52.Original Don (and L-Side)by Critycal Dub4:31
53.Said & Done (feat. DRS)by Alibi5:17
54.The Alley (and DJ Andy)by Alibi5:15
55.With Every Heartbeat (and Lorna King)by Dr Meaker4:09
56.Unfolded (and Phentix)by Alibi4:58
57.No Lights (feat. MC Fats & T.R.A.C.)by Alibi4:19
58.The Reckoning (Voltage Remix)by Ray Keith4:59
59.Silly Puttyby Nazca Linez4:16
60.Sleepwalkersby Paul T & Edward Oberon5:43
61.Steppa Dub (feat. MC Fats)by L-Side4:35
62.Stardust (and Alibi)by Command Strange4:56
63.Stompby Paul T & Edward Oberon3:53
64.Staticby Sl8r4:51
65.Time Is Right (feat. Christina Tamayo)by Saxxon5:17
66.Move & Flowby Zero T5:12
67.Zaga Dan (and MC GQ)by L-Side4:39
68.Aquariusby Beat Merchants4:17
69.Me and Youby Alibi4:57
70.Get Downby L-Side4:32
71.What a Tingby Think Tonk4:21
72.Planet V - Drum & Bass, Vol. 4, Pt. 1 (Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists51:45
73.Planet V - Drum & Bass, Vol. 4, Pt. 2 (Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists1:57:28