Prayer For The Wild Things mp3 Album by Paul Winter

Prayer For The Wild Thingsby Paul Winter

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:24


1.Eagle Mountain2:21
2.Round Dance2:22
3.One the River2:06
4.Buffalo Prairie4:00
6.Grizzly Bear Cubs4:35
7.Tritones in the Canyon1:23
8.Moose Walk4:34
9.Gates of the Mountains1:58
10.Cougar Bassoon4:33
11.Antelope Dreams5:48
12.Afternoon's End4:04
13.Sunset on Eagle Mountain2:43
14.White Goat of the Rockies2:05
15.Loon on Mud Pond3:47
16.Night Voices2:06
17.Elk Horns4:47
18.North Fork Wolves2:27
19.Night Into Dawn4:26
20.Dance of All Beings3:52
21.Eagle Mountain2:35