Psychic Warfare mp3 Album by Clutch

Psychic Warfareby Clutch

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:54


1.The Affidavit0:25
2.X-Ray Visions3:42
4.A Quick Death in Texas3:58
5.Sucker for the Witch3:22
6.Your Love Is Incarceration3:14
7.Doom Saloon1:13
8.Our Lady of Electric Light3:52
9.Noble Savage2:50
10.Behold the Colossus3:52
11.Decapitation Blues3:11
12.Son of Virginia7:15
Hottest band in the world right now in my opinion! This album is no exception, plenty of metal, plenty of blues and tons of hardcore psychedelia. Neil Fallon's super strength voice belts out the violent and humuruos lyrics as the music rolls accross its breathtaking soundscape of heavy riffs, rock hard drum beats and funky melodies. The songs are fresh and tight in keeping with the style of Earth Rocker and the band are madly on tip, getting into their stride and sounding more confident with every album, producing sounds of substance and oozing style as a side effect of intense quality. You won't be disappointed, the bull's eye has been smashed again.