Rebirth mp3 Album by Lil Wayne

Rebirthby Lil Wayne

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:50


1.American Star (Feat. Shanell Aka Snl)3:37
2.Prom Queen (Feat. Shanell Aka Snl)3:37
3.Gound Zero3:57
4.Da Da Da3:40
6.Get A Life3:12
7.On Fire4:08
8.Drop The World (Feat. Eminem)3:49
9.Runnin (Feat. Shanell Aka Snl)4:31
10.One Way Trip (Feat. Kevin Rudolph)4:39
11.Knockout (Feat. Nicki Minaj)4:09
12.The Price Is Wrong3:28
13.I'Ll Die For You5:08
14.I'M So Over You (Feat. Shanell Aka Snl)2:58
mr. music listener
Ok album, considering Wayne tries to stray away from rap and incorporate rock into this 2009 release (this website has the info wrong on the year). Wayne is surprisingly not terrible at doing rock music, however the rap single Drop the World featuring Eminem is most obviously the best single of the album. The song knockout is another descent song too though, despite it being rock. So yeah the album is not the best from lil wayne, but it is descent for being largely a rock album from a rap artist. Oh and he did actually learn to play the guitar prior to the album, though I'm not sure if he actually uses his talent in the album, or if they are just instrumentals. Prom queen, the second song on the album, is probably one of the lower end songs in this release. It sounds like lil wayne is going as slowly and awkwardly on the song as he can (regarding his singing speed). The auto-tune on wayne is this album also doesn't always sound even o.k. Often the auto tune sounds like a frog with throat cancer hitting puberty. Just kidding, mostly, but If your a long time lil wayne fan you'll like it because it's a lil wayne album, but if you're just a rap fan then the rock based album with simple lyrics and low intensity likely will not capture your attention, at least in a positive way. God Bless and listen to Lecrae if you do not find yourself enjoying this album.