Reckless mp3 Artist Compilation by Bryan Adams
  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 38:01


1.One Night Love Affair4:34
2.She'S Only Happy When She'S Dancin'3:14
3.Run To You3:53
6.Summer Of '693:36
7.Kids Wanna Rock2:36
8.It'S Only Love3:15
9.Long Gone3:59
10.Ain't Gonna Cry4:06

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This is Bryan Adam's fourth album, released in 1984, and he has really hit upon something with this release. It produced six singles, each of which made the top fifteen in the Billboard charts. The song structure throughout is very pop-friendly, very melodic with catchy hooks, but he also developed a guitar sound with a bit of a rock edge, at a time when synthesizers were becoming more in style.

The first single released from the album was "Run to You", which would go on to reach number six on the charts. The song has a haunting guitar as a backdrop, leading to a brief but awesome solo on the main riff towards the end of the song. Adams would become more pop-oriented after this album, but this was a song that let the world know he could rock.

Another great rock song from this album was "Summer of '69", a song about remembrances of a time past, looking back on a summer of putting a band together and a summer love, and perhaps a particular position. Most tended to look past the last part, and this became another top ten hit for Adams, and a staple of classic rock/80's radio.

Adams teamed up with Tina Turner for "It's Only Love", and for at least a song, he hung with the queen of rock. It received a Grammy nomination for best performance by a duo or group. A tamer song, "Heaven", became one of his bigger pop hits, making the top ten and becoming another staple of 80's radio.

The album also produced hit singles in "Somebody" and "One Night Love Affair"; both high energy songs, as is pretty much every song on this album. A seventh song, "Kids Wanna Rock", has also received tons of airplay. At the time, it was one of the most stacked albums ever released, with the she number of singles to see such high chart success.

If you are a fan of any of the find listed here, this is really the album to get. Every song has a great energy about it, and it carries a certain continuity throughout that won't be captured in a greatest hits collection. A vhs release strung together several of the music videos from the album in a way that made them seen like one continuous story, and that is really what the album feels like. There's no filler here, just a single work of art.