Repentless mp3 Album by Slayer

Repentlessby Slayer

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 41:57


1.Delusions of Saviour1:55
3.Take Control3:14
5.Cast the First Stone3:43
6.When the Stillness Comes4:21
7.Chasing Death3:45
9.Piano Wire2:48
10.Atrocity Vendor2:55
11.You Against You4:21
12.Pride in Prejudice4:14
We'll probably never see another Reign in Blood from Slayer and I'm ok with that. Repentless, in my opinion, is the best Slayer has put out in a long time. I truly enjoy every song on it even with the cheesy lyrics. The title track is fast as well as Implode and You Against You. When the Stillness Comes and Piano Wire and excellent too. This is also the first album to feature Gary Holt (Exodus) on guitars and I think he fits right in with the band since he's been playing live with them since Jeff got sick and ultimately died. Paul does an excellent job on drums regardless of what people say about him. I think this new unit has potential and I'm glad Slayer is still putting music out there. They are certainly one of my favorite bands from the "Big 4."