Dystopia (Limited Edition) mp3 Album by Megadeth

Dystopia (Limited Edition)by Megadeth

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:52


1.The Threat Is Real4:22
3.Fatal Illusion4:16
4.Death From Within4:47
5.Bullet to the Brain4:29
6.Post American World4:26
7.Poisonous Shadows6:03
8.Look Who's Talking4:14
9.Conquer or Die3:33
10.Lying in State3:34
11.The Emperor3:52
12.Last Dying Wish3:49
13.Foreign Policy2:28
Megadeth have returned to form with this album, after the dissapointing 'Supercharger' album.
it features Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler and new guitarist Kiko Loureiro. It compares in sound to their 90's albums Youthanasia and Countdown to extinction, and even has some elements of classic album Rust in Peace. The title track Dystopia stood out to me on first listen as did the melodic track Poisonous Shadows. There is also a number of other good songs on the album. If you used to listen to Megadeth, this could well be the album that gets you listening to them again.