Room On Fire mp3 Album by The Strokes
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 33:06


1.What Ever Happened?2:54
3.Automatic Stop3:27
5.You Talk Way Too Much3:05
6.Between Love & Hate3:16
7.Meet Me In The Bathroom2:57
8.Under Control3:07
9.The End Has No End3:08
10.The Way It Is2:22
11.I Can't Win2:35
What makes "Room on Fire" such a great album is that it is both raw and polished at the same time. Somehow the strokes manage to sound rough around the edges while still showing that they are not at all amateurs. The songwriting on this album is incredible and has a perfect mix of pure grit and gentle subtlety.

This album has some of my favorite strokes songs on it. I would consider "reptilla" and "under control" to be two of the bands most memorable songs. The whole album makes me want to drive down the highway with the windows down. But I also can easily relax and hang out with my friends while this album is on. It really never gets old. It is a fresh approach on a lot of ideas in rock that often become very stale. But the strokes are wonderful in that they are far from stale. And this album shows just how much they not only respect those that came before them but that they also want to do something that builds on what makes rock and roll so enjoyable.