Sadnecessary mp3 Album by Milky Chance

Sadnecessaryby Milky Chance

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:13


2.Flashed Junk Mind4:24
5.Feathery (Slow Version)3:18
8.Down By the River4:03
9.Sweet Sun4:36
11.Stolen Dance5:16
12.Loveland (Studio Version)3:38
13.Feathery (Bonus Track)4:26
14.Loveland (Bonus Track)4:00
I was first introduce to Milky Chance through their song "Stolen Dance". I was hooked immediately. As I listened through the rest of the album, I realized that most of the songs have the same feel and vibe about them, which is this kind of, laid-back type of nostalgic feeling that is honestly hard to describe. Yes, most of the songs do sound somewhat similar, but it's not in a bad way at all. These guys found a unique sound that was their own, and they stuck with it for this album to give the listener a complete experience from beginning to end. Not all of the songs on this album are hits, but they do flow well together if you are listening through the album. I feel like its perfect if you're at a party, hanging out, or driving on a sunny day.
You will not be disappointed by this purchase.