Santana (2004. Legacy Edition) mp3 Album by Santana

Santana (2004. Legacy Edition)by Santana

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:13:57


Disk #1

2.Evil Ways4:00
3.Shades Of Time3:14
8.You Just Don't Care4:38
9.Soul Sacrifice6:42
10.Savor (Previously Unissued Alternate Take 2)2:57
11.Soul Sacrifice (Previously Unissued Alternate Take 4)8:51
12.Studio Jam (Previously Unissued Album Session Outtake)7:10

Disk #2

1.Fried Neckbones (Original David Rubinson Produced Album Session)7:41
2.Soul Sacrifice (Original David Rubinson Produced Album Session)9:06
3.Persuasion (Original David Rubinson Produced Album Session)3:52
4.Treat (Original David Rubinson Produced Album Session)6:49
5.Shades Of Time (Original David Rubinson Produced Album Session)2:30
6.Jingo (Original David Rubinson Produced Album Session)5:20
7.Waiting (Previously Unissued - Live at Woodstock, August 1969)4:44
8.You Just Don't Care (Previously Unissued - Live at Woodstock, August 1969)4:56
9.Savor (Live at Woodstock, August 1969)5:25
10.Jingo (Previously Unissued - Live at Woodstock, August 1969)5:14
11.Persuasion (Previously Unissued - Live at Woodstock, August 1969)3:05
12.Soul Sacrifice (Live at Woodstock, August 1969)11:49
13.Fried Neckbones (Live at Woodstock, August 1969)7:13