Selected Jigs, Reels and Songs mp3 Album by De Dannan

Selected Jigs, Reels and Songsby De Dannan

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:58


1.Tom Billy's / Ryan's Jig / The Sandman Reel / The Clogher Reel4:39
2.Love Will You Marry Me / Byrne's Hornpipe3:25
3.The Broken Pledge / Jenny's Welcome to Charlie3:29
4.The Banks of the Quay / Crucaharan Cross2:31
5.The Flowers of Sweet Strabane2:16
6.The Flowers of Spring / Jackie Small's Jig3:01
7.The Log Cabin / Bean a' Ti Ar Lar3:25
8.Carolan's Draught2:43
9.The Banks of Red Roses3:17
10.Over the Bog Road4:12
11.The Hag's Purse / The Collier's Jig2:10
12.Barbara Allen4:51
13.Dear Irish Boy / Johnny Leary's Polka5:59