Sex & Food: The Best Of The Pursuit Of Happiness mp3 Artist Compilation by The Pursuit Of Happiness

Sex & Food: The Best Of The Pursuit Of Happinessby The Pursuit Of Happiness

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:03


1.I'm an Adult Now4:29
2.Cigarette Dangles2:33
3.Two Girls In One2:32
4.Ten Fingers2:52
5.She's So Young3:35
6.Pressing Lips3:32
8.Let My People Go3:21
9.Hard to Laugh2:38
10.Nobody But Me3:19
11.She's The Devil2:05
12.Food [Live]2:02
13.Wake Up And Smell Cathy2:51
14.Take You With Me3:59
15.Walking in the Woods3:52
16.Consciousness Raising as a Social Tool2:30
17.Edmonton Block Heater [Live]2:12
18.All I Want4:46