Share The Land (Remastered) mp3 Album by The Guess Who

Share The Land (Remastered)by The Guess Who

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:02


1.Bus Rider3:01
2.Do You Miss Me Darlin'?3:56
3.Hand Me Down World3:27
4.Moan for You Joe2:43
5.Share the Land3:55
6.Hang on to Your Life4:11
7.Coming Down Off the Money Bag / Song of the Dog3:58
8.Three More Days9:00
10.The Answer4:06
Kenneth Evans
"Share The Land" is the first Guess Who record without founding guitarist Randy Bachman. It was quite a shock considering their last LP "American Woman" was their best selling record yet! Bachman was replaced by some exceptional Canadian guitarists in Kurt Winter & Greg Leskiw. Along with original members Burton Cummings (keyboards/lead vocals), Gary Peterson (drums) & Jim Kale (bass guitar/vocals), they tailored an extremely great album! This record is full of lyrics dealing with social issues the world was dealing with at that time. "Bus Rider" leads of the record with gusto & verve!! Wow! The title track and 'hit' has an 'anthem-like' quality to it, maybe not the best song but memorable. "Hand Me Down World" & "Hang On To Your Life" were also released as singles and were much stronger songs than the title track. But the real stand-out track is "Three More Days"....a masterpiece of a song! This could be overall the best Guess Who record ever made. Buy it!