Six Of One ... mp3 Artist Compilation by Squeeze

Six Of One Squeeze

  • 83 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:00:03


Disk #1

1.Sex Master2:22
2.Bang Bang2:04
3.Strong In Reason4:14
4.Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil3:50
5.Out Of Control4:44
6.Take Me, I'm Yours3:47
7.The Call5:17
9.Remember What2:51
10.First Thing Wrong3:47
11.Hesitation (Rool Britannia)3:44
12.Get Smart2:07
13.Deep Cuts4:05

Disk #2

1.Slap And Tickle4:02
3.Touching Me Touching You2:26
4.It's Not Cricket2:35
5.It's So Dirty3:11
6.The Knack4:34
7.Hop Skip And Jump2:47
8.Up The Junction3:12
9.Hard To Find3:38
10.Slightly Drunk2:42
11.Goodbye Girl2:59
12.Cool For Cats3:41
13.I Must Go2:17
14.Ain't It Sad3:29

Disk #3

1.Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)4:00
2.Another Nail In My Heart2:58
3.Separate Beds3:21
5.I Think I'm Go Go4:19
6.Farfisa Beat2:58
7.Here Comes That Feeling2:12
8.Vicky Verky3:12
9.If I Didn't Love You4:13
10.Wrong Side Of The Moon2:25
11.There At The Top3:46
12.Funny How It Goes3:49

Disk #4

1.In Quintessence2:58
2.Someone Else's Heart3:03
5.There's No Tomorrow3:32
7.Woman's World3:47
8.Is That Love?2:33
10.Labelled With Love4:41
11.Someone Else's Bell3:11
12.Mumbo Jumbo3:16
13.Vanity Fair3:13
14.Messed Around2:44
15.The Axe Has Now Fallen [bonus]3:53
16.Looking For A Love [bonus]3:02

Disk #5

1.Out Of Touch3:53
2.I Can't Hold On3:36
3.Points Of VIew4:15
4.Stranger Than The Stranger On The Shore3:20
5.Onto The Dance Floor3:40
6.When The Hangover Strikes4:32
7.Black Coffee In Bed6:16
8.I've Returned2:36
9.Tongue Like A Knife4:12
10.His House Her Home3:26
11.The Very First Dance3:19
12.The Elephant Ride3:23
13.I Can't Get Up Anymore [bonus]3:58
14.When Love Goes To Sleep [bonus]3:47

Disk #6

1.Big Beng4:03
2.By Your Side4:24
3.King George Street3:48
4.I Learnt How To Pray4:24
5.Last Time Forever5:41
6.No Place Like Home4:27
7.Heartbreaking World5:07
8.Hits Of The Year3:03
9.Break My Heart4:34
10.I Won't Ever Go Drinking Again4:38
11.Love's A Four Letter Word [bonus]3:41
12.The Fortnight Saga [bonus]2:41