Smallfoot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Smallfoot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:09:43


1.Perfectionby Channing Tatum2:33
2.Wonderful Lifeby Zendaya3:11
3.Percy's Pressureby James Corden2:16
4.Wonderful Questionsby Channing Tatum2:12
5.Let it Lieby Common5:13
6.Moment of Truthby Cyn3:50
7.Finally Freeby Niall Horan3:24
8.This is My Worldby Heitor Pereira2:19
9.Practice Gongby Heitor Pereira1:45
10.Plane Crashby Heitor Pereira1:12
11.Banishedby Heitor Pereira1:15
12.Jumping Spiderby Heitor Pereira1:39
13.The Heitor Pereira5:03
14.New Worldby Heitor Pereira2:32
15.Migo Meets the Smallfootby Heitor Pereira4:09
16.Bear Caveby Heitor Pereira3:04
17.Grow a Conscienceby Heitor Pereira1:39
18.Up the Mountainby Heitor Pereira0:47
19.Behold, The Smallfoot!by Heitor Pereira3:43
20.Meechee and Percyby Heitor Pereira0:55
21.Public Betrayalby Heitor Pereira3:22
22.Dorgle Pep Talkby Heitor Pereira2:28
23.Where is Meechee?by Heitor Pereira2:16
24.Village Escapeby Heitor Pereira4:51
25.Clouds Liftedby Heitor Pereira4:05