Songs For The Deaf mp3 Album by Queens Of The Stone Age
  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:36


1.You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire3:13
2.No One Knows4:39
3.First It Giveth3:18
4.A Song For The Dead5:52
5.The Sky Is Fallin'6:16
6.Six Shooter1:19
7.Hangin' Tree3:06
8.Go With The Flow3:07
9.Gonna Leave You2:50
10.Do It Again4:05
11.God Is In The Radio6:05
12.Another Love Song3:16
13.A Song For The Deaf / Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (Reprise)6:43
14.Mosquito Song5:38
15.The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret (Live)3:38
16.Everybody's Gonna Be Happy (Non-Lp Version)2:36
17.Gonna Leave You (Spanish Version)2:55
A work of art
Songs for the deaf has to be one of the greatest albums ever. One of the magical things about QOTSA is they change their sound up every album, just like they do on here.
Millionaire: A great album starter. It gets you pumped up right away, with Josh Homme's screams and Dave Grohl's pounding drum beats. 9/10
No One Knows: The lead single off the album for a reason -- nice and crunchy but catchy too. 9/10
First It Giveth: If Millionaire wasn't on here, then this would be a good starter track. It's fast and chaotic. However it's one of the first tracks on here I got tired of. 8/10
Song for the Dead: This song has essentially 2 parts. The first is a fast paced instrumental with crazy guitar and drums and the second is a slower part with plenty of guitar noodling and groaning like a zombie. I like the former way more than the latter. 7.5/10
The Sky is Fallin: A very creepy song. But I like it. 8/10
Six Shooter: What were they thinking when they made this? It's just Homme screaming the f-word and SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT! Sounds inspired by NIN's Big Man With a Gun, but despite working on The Downward Spiral, due to the context of the album, it doesn't work here. 2/10
Hangin Tree: Sounds similar to The Sky is Fallin, minus the catchy hook. 7.5/10
Go With the Flow: Every Queens of the Stone Age Album (besides their debut and Era Vulgaris) has a poppy song like this. I used to like it a lot but like First it Giveth is gets old quickly. 8/10
Gonna Leave You: Simple and rather upbeat. 8/10
Do It Again: For some reason this song rubs me the wrong way. 4/10
Another Love Song: Similar to Gonna Leave You. There are some cool fills in here, but the song comes up rather shallow. 7.5/10
God is on the Radio: Sounds like something from Rated R. That's a compliment. 9/10
Song for the Deaf: The highlight of this album. Heavy, dark, but surprisingly catchy. 10/10
Mosquito Song: A creepy afterword. Makes a good closet. 9/10

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