Songs of Faith and Devotion | The 12" Singles mp3 Artist Compilation by Depeche Mode

Songs of Faith and Devotion | The 12" Singlesby Depeche Mode

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:31:34


1.I Feel You (Throb mix)6:49
2.I Feel You (7" mix)4:35
3.I Feel You (Babylon mix)7:55
4.One Caress3:32
5.I Feel You (Lifes Too short mix)8:35
6.I Feel You (Swamp mix)7:28
7.I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery mix)4:59
8.I Feel You (Helmet at the Helm mix)6:41
9.Walking in My Shoes (Grungy Gonads mix)6:24
10.Walking in My Shoes (7" mix)5:01
11.My Joy (7" mix)3:58
12.My Joy (Slow Slide mix)5:12
13.Walking in My Shoes (extended Twelve Inch mix)6:54
14.Walking in My Shoes (Random Carpet mix)6:36
15.Walking in My Shoes (Anandamidic mix)6:15
16.Walking in My Shoes (ambient Whale mix)4:56
17.Condemnation (Paris mix)3:24
18.Death's Door (Jazz mix)6:40
19.Rush (Spiritual Guidance mix)5:33
20.Rush (Amylnitrate mix instrumental)7:43
21.Rush (Wild Planet mix vocal)6:24
22.Condemnation (live)4:11
23.Personal Jesus (live)6:05
24.Enjoy the Silence (live)6:54
25.Halo (live)4:55
26.In Your Room (Zephyr mix)4:52
27.In Your Room (Apex mix)6:44
28.In Your Room (The Jeep Rock mix)6:20
29.Higher Love (Adrenaline mix)7:50
30.In Your Room (extended Zephyr mix)6:44
31.In Your Room (live)6:52
32.Policy of Truth (live)5:09
33.World in My Eyes (live)6:14
34.Fly on the Windscreen (live)5:24
35.Never Let Me Down Again (live)5:01
36.Death's Door (live in France)2:45