Spike (Re-Issue) mp3 Album by Elvis Costello
  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:03:27


Disk #1

1....This Town...4:32
2.Let Him Dangle4:45
3.Deep Dark Truthful Mirror4:06
5.God's Comic5:31
6.Chewing Gum3:47
7.Tramp the Dirt Down5:41
8.Stalin Malone4:09
10.Pads, Paws and Claws2:56
11.Baby Plays Around2:47
12.Miss Macbeth4:24
13.Any King's Shilling6:06
14.Coal-Train Robberies3:18
15.Last Boat Leaving3:31

Disk #2

1.Miss Macbeth (demo)3:51
2....This Town... (demo)3:50
3.Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (demo)4:07
4.Coal Train Robberies (demo)2:52
5.Satellite (demo)4:51
6.Pads, Paws and Claws (demo)2:08
7.Let Him Dangle (demo)3:39
8.Veronica (demo)3:03
9.Tramp the Dirt Down (demo)5:19
10.Baby Plays Around (demo)2:42
11.Put Your Big Toe in the Milk of Human Kindness (demo)3:16
12.Last Boat Leaving (demo)3:30
13.The Ugly Things2:56
14.You're No Good2:22
15.Point of No Return2:34
16.The Room Nobody Lives In4:47
17.Stalin Malone (vocal version)3:12