Stone Deaf Forever! mp3 Artist Compilation by Motörhead
  • 99 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:19:04


Disk #1

1.Motorhead (By Hawkwind)3:03
2.Lost Johnny3:31
3.Leavin' Here2:34
4.White Line Fever2:45
5.The Watcher4:28
6.City Kids3:25
7.I'M Your Witchdoctor2:58
9.Louie Louie (Peel Session '78)2:45
10.Keep Us On The Road (Peel Session '78)5:17
11.Tear Ya Down (Peel Session '78)2:37
12.I'Ll Be Your Sister (Peel Session '78)3:14
14.Stay Clean2:41
16.Limb From Limb4:55
17.Dead Men Tell No Tales3:06
18.Stone Dead Forever4:55
19.Step Down3:42
21.Over The Top (By Motordam)3:19
22.Shoot You In The Back2:38

Disk #2

1.Ace Of Spades2:48
2.Bite The Bullet1:38
3.The Chase Is Better Than The Catch4:17
4.Live To Win (Bbc Session 1980)3:34
5.Like A Nightmare (Bbc Session 1980)4:11
6.Please Don't Touch (By Headgirl)2:52
7.Iron Fist2:53
8.Heart Of Stone3:03
9.Don't Need Religion2:42
11.One Track Mind5:53
12.I Got Mine5:23
14.Under The Knife (Slow Version)3:49
15.Ain't My Crime3:45
16.Nothing Up My Sleeve3:14
17.Killed By Death (Bbc Session 1986)5:22
18.Deaf Forever (Bbc Session 1986)4:14
19.Orgasmatron [Spoken Word] (Bbc Session 1986)1:28
20.Orgasmatron (Bbc Session 1986)5:04
21.Dr. Rock (Bbc Session 1986)3:23

Disk #3

1.Rock 'N' Roll3:50
2.Eat The Rich4:37
3.Just Cos You Got The Power7:32
4.Black Leather Jacket (Club X Tv 1989)2:20
5.No Voices In The Sky4:13
6.Going To Brazil2:31
7.Love Me Forever5:28
8.You Better Run4:52
9.I Ain't No Nice Guy4:16
10.Hell On Earth (Hellraiser Iii Ost)4:02
12.I Am The Sword4:27
13.Bad Woman3:17
16.Sex And Death2:04
17.Over Your Shoulder3:19
18.Out Of The Sun3:44
19.I Don't Believe A Word6:31

Disk #4

1.Overnight Sensation4:10
3.Listen To Your Heart3:46
4.Love For Sale4:54
5.Snakebite Love3:31
6.Take The Blame4:02
7.Joy Of Labour4:52
8.Orgasmatron 2000 (Internet Download)6:02
9.Stay Out Of Jail3:02
10.One More Fucking Time6:46
11.We Are Motorhead2:23
12.Shoot 'Em Down (Twisted Sister Tribute Track)3:54
13.Walk A Crooked Mile5:52
14.Brave New World4:04
15.Mine All Mine4:12
16.Voices From The War4:28

Disk #5

1.On Parole (Live)5:31
2.Train Kept A Rollin' (Live)3:04
3.Too Late Too Late (Bbc In Concert)3:48
4.(I Won't) Pay Your Price (Bbc In Concert)3:14
5.Iron Horse (Live)3:46
6.We Are The Roadcrew (Live)3:29
7.Nadine (Bootleg Version)3:17
8.Steal Your Face (Bbc In Concert)4:03
9.Mean Machine (Live)3:19
10.No Class (Live)2:39
11.Stone Deaf In The Usa (Live)3:30
12.Dogs (Live)3:39
13.Traitor (Live)2:40
14.Built For Speed (Live)4:55
15.Acropolis (Metropolis) [Greek 45 Free Single]3:34
16.Angel City (Live)3:54
18.Silver Machine (Bootleg Version)4:00
19.On Your Feet Or On Your Knees (Live)2:36
20.I'M So Bad Baby I Don't Care (Live)3:13
21.Born To Raise Hell (Live)5:17