The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream mp3 Album by The Pillbugs

The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dreamby The Pillbugs

  • 23 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:12:56


1.3d Montage1:22
2.Neo Mega Quasi Ultra Super Groovy3:05
3.One Simple Pleasure Trip2:04
4.If You Can't Remain3:29
5.Wait A Minute3:50
6.Heather (Whatever)2:42
7.Friend For A Day2:12
8.Saturday Morning Cartoons1:19
9.Girl On A Laser Beam2:30
10.Feet First2:45
11.Liberty Town Of Love2:55
12.Liquid Bob5:14
13.3D Theme6:50
14.The Kind Of Problem I Want3:17
16.Bright Green Nature Machine4:08
17.Charlie Blue Car3:59
18.The Cat Who Dropped The Bomb3:21
19.Red Light Summer2:52
20.Up And Down On Your Merry-Go-Round2:59
21.Will Love Ever Find Chastity Rose2:51
22.Larry In The Sea With Daffodils3:44
23.Popcycle Island3:01