The Pillbugs mp3 Album by The Pillbugs

The Pillbugsby The Pillbugs

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:34:15


1.Thou Doth Warm Me (Like The Sun)2:43
2.I Could Never Be A Bird2:12
3.Black Sombrero1:11
5.We Are The Orange Sky People2:53
7.Leaving To Be Friends3:10
8.Pretend You're Not Home1:55
9.Captain Nemo2:51
10.Now I'm In The C.I.A.2:49
11.Might As Well Fly To The Moon0:59
12.Paper Aeroplanes3:06
13.Meddle With Me3:37
14.Pretty, Young And Free2:31
15.Ball Of String2:10
16.Son Of Shirley2:43
17.Goodnight To Babylon3:37
18.I'll Get By3:02
19.Vladimir's Sister0:48
20.Plastic Surgical Holiday2:29
21.Morning, Mr. Brain...To You2:00
22.She Done Alotta Dope1:18
23.You'd Better Sit Down2:59
24.The Kick-Around Boy3:03
25.No, Imogene2:30
26.Broken Ringing Bells1:58
27.Hanging Around At 52:59
28.The Plot Next To Garcia2:06
29.Big Bad Momma2:37
31.Illuminating Drink14:40
32.Fear No Horizons5:32