Happy Birthday mp3 Album by The Pillbugs

Happy Birthdayby The Pillbugs

  • 20 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:02:27


1.Happy Birthday4:04
2.Life As It Happens, Part 10:32
3.The World's Most Harmless VIllain4:09
4.Your Taste Is Mellow2:32
5.Life As It Happens, Part 20:44
6.Wild Bird2:30
7.All In Good Time2:55
9.Feeding Seagulls4:23
10.Climbing The Walls5:07
11.Life As It Happens, Part 30:37
12.I Wake Up3:41
13.Peasant Girls2:41
14.Alluring Martha4:37
15.And The Days Go By3:52
16.Life As It Happens, Part 40:38
17.Daddy's Perfect Little Girl4:17
18.Gus Of The Fire Brigade4:01
19.Here We Go Again Like 2 Leaves In The Wind5:20
20.Hold Me So Near3:04