The BFG mp3 Soundtrack by John Williams

The BFGby John Williams

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:34


1.Overtureby John Williams1:18
2.The Witching Hourby John Williams4:41
3.To Giant Countryby John Williams2:33
4.Dream Countryby John Williams10:10
5.Sophie's Nightmareby John Williams1:57
6.Building Trustby John Williams3:25
7.Fleshlumpeaterby John Williams1:37
8.Dream Jarsby John Williams3:31
9.Frolicby John Williams1:44
10.Blowing Dreamsby John Williams3:46
11.Snorting and Sniffingby John Williams2:13
12.Sophie's Futureby John Williams2:30
13.There Was a Boyby John Williams3:30
14.The Queen's Dreamby John Williams3:08
15.The Boy's Drawingsby John Williams3:05
16.Meeting the Queenby John Williams3:00
17.Giants Nettedby John Williams2:03
18.Finaleby John Williams2:14
19.Sophie and the BFGby John Williams8:09

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