The Blessed Hellride mp3 Album by Black Label Society

The Blessed Hellrideby Black Label Society

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:07


1.Stoned And Drunk5:03
2.Doomsday Jesus3:31
4.Suffering Overdue4:29
5.The Blessed Hellride4:33
6.Funeral Bell4:41
7.Final Solution4:05
8.Destruction Overdrive3:02
9.Blackened Waters3:56
10.We Live No More4:02
11.Dead Meadow4:30
Black Label Society rocks it again! "Stillborn" rocks harder than old Ozzy did. I love Zakk's voice on this album - hard to tell sometimes if he or Ozzy is singing. This album is full of big chunky riffs like "Funeral Bell" and "Doomsday Jesus". True to character Black Label has good meaty slow, acoustic/ piano driven tracks like "The Blessed Hellride", "Dead Meadows", and "Blackened Waters". The last two are my favorite of the slower more thoughtful tracks on the album. But my all time favorite Black Label Society song comes from this album - "Destruction Overdrive"!!! This song is fast and furious and just downright mean! Everything about this song is what Black Label Society and what Metal means to everyone everywhere! You gotta buy this album because no one plays guitar/piano grunge-metal-style like Zakk Wylde and the Black Label Society!!!!!