The Complete Atlantic Albums Collection mp3 Artist Compilation by Wilson Pickett

The Complete Atlantic Albums Collectionby Wilson Pickett

  • 117 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:26:06


Disk #1

1.In the Midnight Hour2:37
2.Teardrops Will Fall (with Tami Lynn)2:34
3.Take a Little Love2:24
4.For Better Or Worse2:48
5.I Found a Love [The Falcons]2:56
6.That's a Man's Way2:24
7.I'm Gonna Cry2:21
8.Don't Fight It2:36
9.Take This Love I've Got [The Falcons]2:17
10.Come Home Baby (with Tami Lynn)2:36
11.I'm Not Tired2:46
12.Let's Kiss and Make Up [The Falcons]2:37

Disk #2

1.Land of 1000 Dances2:27
2.Something You Got2:56
3.634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)2:58
5.Mercy, Mercy2:29
6.You're So Fine2:37
7.In the Midnight Hour2:34
8.Ninety-Nine and One-Half (Won't Do)2:44
9.Danger Zone2:12
10.I'm Drifting2:54
11.It's All Over2:22
12.She's So Good To Me2:19

Disk #3

1.Mustang Sally3:02
2.New Orleans2:35
4.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love2:22
5.Ooh Poo Pah Doo2:40
6.She Ain't Gonna Do Right2:16
7.Knock On Wood2:43
8.Time Is On My Side2:40
9.Up Tight Good Woman2:32
10.You Left the Water Running2:36
11.Three Time Loser2:25
12.Nothing You Can Do2:17

Disk #4

1.Soul Dance Number Three2:42
2.Funky Broadway2:41
3.I Need a Lot of Loving Every Day2:20
4.I Found a Love, Pt. 12:32
5.I Found a Love, Pt. 23:07
6.You Can't Stand Alone2:54
7.Mojo Mama2:03
8.I Found the One2:32
9.Something Within Me3:44
10.I'm Sorry About That3:07
11.Love Is a Beautiful Thing2:20

Disk #5

1.Jealous Love (Single Version)2:48
2.Stagger Lee2:21
3.That Kind of Love2:20
4.I'm In Love (Single Version)2:34
5.Hello Sunshine2:36
6.Don't Cry No More2:16
7.We've Got To Have Love2:08
8.Bring It On Home To Me3:05
9.She's Lookin' Good2:25
10.I've Come a Long Way3:11
11.Jealous Love (Single Version)2:49
12.I've Come a Long Way (Single Version)3:11
13.Let It Come Naturally2:19

Disk #6

1.I'm a Midnight Mover2:24
2.It's a Groove2:51
3.Remember, I Been Good To You2:59
4.I'm Gonna Cry2:21
6.I Found a True Love2:25
7.Down By the Sea2:57
8.Trust Me3:15
9.Let's Get an Understanding2:13
10.For Better Or Worse2:47

Disk #7

1.Save Me2:37
2.Hey Jude4:06
3.Back In Your Arms2:59
4.Toe Hold2:49
5.Night Owl2:24
6.My Own Style of Loving2:40
7.A Man and a Half2:51
8.Sit Down and Talk This Over2:20
9.Search Your Heart2:44
10.Born To Be Wild2:45
11.People Make the World2:48

Disk #8

1.Groovy Little Woman2:38
2.Funky Way2:29
3.Sugar Sugar2:57
4.Sweet Inspiration2:56
5.This Old Town3:24
6.You Keep Me Hangin' On4:57
7.Lord Pity Us All3:22
8.It's Still Good2:39
9.Woman Likes To Hear That2:53
10.She Said Yes3:13
11.Hey Joe3:06
12.Steal Away3:52

Disk #9

1.Run Joey Run2:43
2.Help the Needy2:34
3.Come Right Here2:39
4.Bumble Bee (Sting Me)2:19
5.Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You2:50
6.Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number 9, Pt. 1 & Pt. 26:28
7.Days Go By2:28
8.International Playboy2:31
9.Ain't No Doubt About It2:24
10.Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You (Single Version)2:48
11.Engine Number 9 (Single Version)2:51
12.International Playboy (2nd Single Version)2:33

Disk #10

1.Fire and Water3:31
2.(Your Love Has Brought Me) A Mighty Long Way2:57
3.Covering the Same Old Ground3:24
4.Don't Knock My Love, Pt. 12:22
5.Don't Knock My Love, Pt. 24:02
6.Call My Name, I'll Be There2:26
7.Hot Love3:03
8.Not Enough Love To Satisfy3:04
9.You Can't Judge a Book By It's Cover2:55
10.Pledging My Love3:23
11.Mama Told Me Not To Come2:37
12.Woman Let Me Down Home3:05