The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 10 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 10by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:47


1.Adown Winding Nithby John Nichol4:05
2.How Can My Poor Heart Be Gladby Gillian Frame2:25
3.'Twas Past One O'Clockby Ross Kennedy2:32
4.Yon Wild Mossy Mountains / O Saw Ye My Dearie?by Jim Reid6:12
5.Mary Morrisonby Billy Ross1:35
6.On Cessnock Banksby John Nichol4:26
7.Is This Thy Plighted, Fond Regard / This Is No My Ain Lassieby John Croall2:33
8.MacPherson's Farewellby Billy Ross3:14
9.Here's a Health to Them / Here's a Health to Aneby Gordon Kelly2:24
10.As Down the Burn / My Peggy's Faceby Billy Ross2:08
11.Wham Will We Sendby Jim Reid3:59
12.Ye Flowery Banks / The Lazy Mistby Mairi Campbell3:54
13.Come Let Me Take Thee / Jockie's Ta'en the Parting Kiss (and Gillian McDonald)by Janet Russell2:50
14.O Saw Ye My Dearby Tich Frier1:18
15.I Sing of a Whistleby Kirsten Easdale5:48
16.Man Was Made to Mournby Ross Kennedy4:38
17.Husband, Husband (and Lesley Hale)by Tich Frier2:04
18.Anna / The Catrine Woodsby Jim Reid2:33
19.Sleep'st Thou or Wak'st Thou / Mark Yonder Pompby Lionel McClelland3:09
20.Where Are the Joys?by Jim Reid2:12
21.It Is Na Jeanby Lionel McClelland2:13
22.O Stay / O Ay My Wife She Dang Meby John Nichol2:35